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Recently, transitional nursing has been a challenge in many countries hence becoming an issue of concern in the world. Transitional nursing refers to the act of giving care to the patients all the way from the hospitals to the homes of the patients (Toles et al, 2016). Therefore, the lack of proper transitional nursing is involving some elements of medical error. The medical error includes a lack of proper care to the patients including lack of quality treatment. In this context, medical error is one of the crucial reasons for the increased death in the world.  However, some medical practitioners defined transitional nursing as an act of changing the location of giving health care to the patients after being transferred to another place of health care. In this context, the patients require great care of the nurses who should visit their homes regularly to check the ongoing of the client. The reason for the need of this great care is because some patients are very old and they cannot control the use of medicine as prescribed by the doctors. For instance, the patients who are aged seventy years and above find difficult in following all the instructions hence the need of nurses becoming essential.

The health care problems among the patients are crucial and require the immediate effect of bringing the medical personnel to help the patients (Toles et al, 2016). However, the main challenge is that in most countries there has been a small number of available nurses who can manage to cake of the patients from the hospital up to their homes. In most cases, you find that one nurse is serving a variety of patients thus becoming very difficult to the patient who relocated from one place to another in the process of medication to receive the same service he used to get. Furthermore, the transitional nursing becomes more complex when the transition of nurses occurs because there is a possibility that patients may start receiving services from a nurse who is not well experienced as the one used to give them services of health care. In this context, the most transition done in the field of nursing includes promoting the more experienced nursing and finally getting the less experienced to occupy the space of more experienced.


Toles, M., Colón-Emeric, C., Naylor, M. D., Barroso, J., & Anderson, R. A. (2016). Transitional care in skilled nursing facilities: a multiple case study. BMC health services research16(1), 186.

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