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In my institution, the type of evidence based practice that we have implemented is the use of hand washing techniques (Umwangange, 2016) . Hands are the most common vectors for transmission of infections between individuals as well as environmental factors in hospitals. Particularly in hospitals, the rate of infection is considerably higher. Therefore, healthcare professionals should wash their hands frequently with traditional water and soap or alcohol-based hand rubs.  Moreover, in my institution, we have adopted the use of soap and water technique of handwashing as the gold standard. It is recommended that washing hands, it is important to wet the hands first. Then apply 5ml of soap to hands. Preferably the use of liquid soap as opposed to bar soap. Next running hand thoroughly for a minimum of 15 seconds and cover all surfaces of the hand. Finally rinse hands thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel. Additionally, alcohol-based agents are used before direct contact with patients, after removing gloves and in emergency situations where sinks are not available. My institution has implemented the use of secret shoppers to monitor compliance with hand washing guidlines. Personnel that do not comply are advised to observe the specified hand washing guidlines.

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