Crisis Intervention DQ 1 Week 3 Student Reply Fiona Lubega

Posttraumatic stress disorder refers to a mental health condition that affects individuals of all ages, including children. Symptoms of PTSD may occur immediately after a traumatic event or after six months. The DSM-IV-TR Criteria is one of the diagnostic indicators set up by the American Psychiatric Association to diagnose PTSD.

• One of the indicators for PTSD is experiencing, witnessing, or being confronted or experiencing life-threatening events, serious injury, or threats to physical injury. The response is intense fear, horror, or helplessness. Among children, PTSD may be manifested through disorganization and agitated behavior (Tull, 2019).

• The second indicator is re-experiencing the traumatic event through intrusive and distressing recollection. Among children, this may be experienced through the repetitive play of the traumatic event or frightening dreams.

• Avoidance stimuli characterized by avoiding thoughts, feelings, places or people that could arise trauma recollections, children may manifest through detachment.

• Increased arousal characterized by difficulties in concentrating, irritability, exaggerated startle response and hypervigilance may also indicate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Among children, it may be manifested through problems in concentrating.

• When the disturbance resulting from criteria BCD exceeds one month, then this becomes a sign of PTSD (SAMHSA, 2016).

I have known a close relative who has experienced PTSD, having served in the military and underwent a deployment. He has difficulty sleeping; he prefers being alone since he says he feels irritable most of the time and is also hyper-vigilant. Similarly, he avoids meeting colleagues that he was deployed with, arguing that they reminded him of the war experiences. Moreover, he avoids talking about his experiences during deployment.


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