Case Study: Appliance Warehouse – Use Case Analysis

 Assignment Content

  1. Continue your work to support the development and implementation of the new Service Department for Appliance Warehouse.

    For this week’s assignment, be sure to refer to the Appliance Warehouse Resources: Organizational Staffing document and the Organization Chart created in Week 1.

    In MindTap, review the Appliance Warehouse Case, and do the following:

    • Read the Before You Begin Message and the Module 4-7 Appliance Warehouse Webmail Client Emails. Read the messages to help determine the tasks you must complete.
    • Review and analyze the weekly Appliance Warehouse case study content and resources.
    • Create a 3- to 4-page document (to submit in Blackboard) that includes the following:
    • Business Case Investigation
    • Identify 4 employees you would interview to support your business analysis. For each employee, state the topic(s) you will use for questioning. The interview topics and responses will be used to influence your future design.
    • A possible use case diagram for making an appointment and verifying parts availability
    • Identify the users of the system and requests into and out of the system.
    • Implementation resources needed for the project
    • Identify people and hardware. Human resources may include internal or external resources.
    • Submit your document.
  •  Resources will be provided upon request if a resources has been omitted and is required to complete the assignment.

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