Academic Success Plan (Paper)

Purpose: To assist students in identifying areas to improve on in order to be academically successful, formulating strategies to implement and meet goals, and determining the effectiveness of the strategies (outcomes).

Student Learning Outcomes

Describe her/himself as a learner.
Demonstrate improvement of study skills through a variety of exercises.

Write a 4-8 page paper on the goals to improve, the outcomes, and the effectiveness of the strategies that you implemented this semester (use the chart below to guide you. Address each area.). Use the literature to provide the evidence to support your strategies.
Create two (2) strategies for each provided “Goals to Improve” that you plan to implement this semester.
Evaluate the effectiveness (Outcomes) of each strategy you implement in meeting the goal of improving academically.
Include a minimum of three (3) current (≤ 5 years), peer-reviewed, nursing journal articles.
Your paper should be 4-8 pages, excluding title and reference pages. No abstract is needed. Current APA formatting is required.
Upload each article in pdf form that is used in your paper to the Dropbox.
Please refer to the OWL at Purdue APA for questions.
Do not include any block quotes (direct quotes ≥ 40 words) or direct quotes in your paper. Instead, paraphrase the information in your own words and cite appropriately.
Include a conclusion. Use headers in your paper.
No more than 25% Turnitin score.
Submit your paper to the appropriate Dropbox, in a Word docx, by the specified date/time. If the document is uploaded in a format that will not open, meaning the faculty cannot grade it as it was uploaded, then the student will receive a grade of zero (0). It is the student’s responsibility to verify that their paper is in the correct format.

Only assignments that are uploaded to the correct location will be graded. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they upload the correct assignment to the correct location and by the posted due date/time. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that they upload the correct version of their assignment. Only the version that is uploaded/posted will be graded. If a student inadvertently uploads the incorrect version of an assignment, it is the student’s responsibility to contact their instructor prior to the due date/time.

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