Women’s Study

Please write a one-paragraph response to each of the following question/scenarios.  Please email your responses to me by the end of the day.

1.  Imagine the best sex you’ve ever had/desire.  Describe it.  What is the mood like?  What is your partner like?  Feel free to stay general or get specific as fits your comfort level in sharing such information.
2.  Now, take the same situation, and imagine that your partner is exactly the same in all ways except their genitals.  If they are masculine, they are still every bit masculine in the same way except they now have female genitals.  If they are feminine, same thing but vice versa.  Describe the situation.  How is the sex?  How is the romance?  How is the mood?
3.  Now, take the same situation, but imagine it with someone of the opposite sex and gender.  Picture the most perfect person of said gender that you can and imagine what the scene would be like.  What is it like to hold them, touch them, kiss them.  Can you imagine it?  Describe it.
4.  Now, reflect on sex/gender as important to your love life.  Are they important?  How?

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