When To Recommend And Not To Recommend Software Reuse

  • From your understanding of the work you did this week so far, give some examples of when to recommend and when not to recommend software reuse.
  • Go to the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Website that discusses Software Product Lines (SPLs), located at http://www.sei.cmu.edu/productlines/?location=secondary-nav&source=10745. As you learned, the reuse of software components is designed to optimize software development and reduce development costs. Give an example of when this would be particularly effective. How might component-based development be used to reduce the coding effort? Is this always true? Provide support for your response.
  • Describe how SPLs promote reuse and how they can be disadvantageous to certain development environments. Choose a large company not chosen by other classmates and provide a unique example, illustrating how SPLs can be used in the organization of your choice to improve software development efforts.

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