Week3 Discussion 3

Identify one specific nursing theory that relates to your area of practice.

I choose the behaviorist theory. Behaviorism building blocks are that all behaviors are learned (Morrison-Valfre, 2012). In the early 1900s, John Watson established the basic views of behaviorism (Morrison-Valfre, 2012). Learning is an important part of the behaviorist theory. Behaviorists define learning as nothing more than the attainment of new behaviors (Clark, 2018).

Discuss the type of the selected nursing theory according to scope (meta-theory, grand, middle-range, or practice theory) and purpose (descriptive, explanatory, predictive, or prescriptive).

The behaviorist theory is a middle-range theory. Middle-range theories are significantly specific and incorporate a limited number of concepts and a constrained aspect of the real world. (McEwen & Wills, 2019). I believe the purpose of the behaviorist theory is to predict behavior and learn to adjust to negative behaviors. According to McEwen & Wills, Situation-relating theories are attained when the conditions under which concepts are related are stated and the relational statements can describe forthcoming results regularly. So, the behaviorist theory is used to predict behavior and adjust the negative behaviors, and the purpose is using predictive theory. Behaviorism is an important part of the mental health field, and the lack of importance is evident (Clark, 2018).

Provide an example of how the selected nursing theory can be applied to your area of practice.  The example should include core concepts of the theory and demonstrate its practical application.

Behaviorist theory is applied every day with mental health. As I have previously mentioned that I work in home health doing psychiatric nursing. I work with mostly dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The goal of treating these is to promote optimal living. These patients experience behavioral and psychological symptoms. Educating caregivers on nonpharmacological techniques to manage these behaviors. Nonpharmacological alternatives are music therapy, aromatherapy, art therapy, behavioral therapy, reality orientation, tailored activities, and physical exercises (Oliveira et al., 2015). The behaviorist theory is used in my everyday practice. Education is an important part of nursing and home health.

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