Week 5 Discussion

  1. Svavarsdottir conducted an integrative review about Nordic families with children who are chronically ill.  Three exemplar family cases were described.  How can nurses be empathetically connected to these families?  In Figure 1, Svavarsdottir (2006), shows how family daily activities, family relations and family health are interconnected.  Describe how the family’s quality of life is affected if one or more of these 3 factors were hindered. What may be some suggestions to help these families boost their quality of life? Feel free to share any experiences in your career where you were empathetically connected to a family and helped boost their quality of life.
  2. From your readings and your own experience, identify and discuss five needs of families during a crisis experience.
  3. Develop a three generation pedigree to assess your personal family history information using the following website https://phgkb.cdc.gov/FHH/html/index.html The pedigree should represent three generations (student, parents, grandparents). Complete your family history, save it, and view your history grid and genogram. Share your insights into your family health with your group (you do not need to post the pedigree itself).
  4. The Bennet article is a helpful resource for pedigree and genogram symbols when you start diagramming genograms in Module 3.
  5. Read the genomics case study and Alzheimer’s fact sheet.

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