Week 4 Project

Final Project: Mobile Technology (Part IV)

Last week as part of the final project assignment, you analyzed the IT infrastructure of Apple and Starbucks, and developed an information flow to use their existing networks for connectivity.

This week, you’ll analyze the incorporation of mobile technology into the infrastructure plan. Specifically, you will analyze the requirements of the mobile device to connect to the infrastructure that you proposed. The mobile device in this case must be an iPhone or a product suitable for this partnership.

Research the capabilities of the Apple iPhone. Prepare a brief executive summary containing 1–2 pages of the protocols and capabilities of the device and answer the following questions:

  • What protocols will be utilized for the purchase of an MP4 at a Starbucks location? Include the connection to the access point and the need for a secure login in the answer.
  • Why is the iPhone the ideal device for utilizing the iTunes service?
  • What makes Starbucks an ideal location for this exchange?
  • How does this device enable e-commerce?

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