Week 3 Quiz Latest

Question 1

Henry, 64 years old, is having difficulty getting rid of a corneal infection. He asks why. How do you respond?

“Systemic antibiotics have difficulty getting to that area of the eye.”

“Because the cornea doesn’t have a blood supply, an infection can’t be fought off as usual.”

“Because the infection was painless, it was not treated early enough.”

“We can’t determine the causative agent.”

Question 2

A 22-year-old college student presents to your urgent care clinic complaining of a rash. She was recently on spring break and spent every night in the hot tub at her hotel. On physical exam, she has multiple small areas of 1- to 2-mm erythematous pustules that are present mostly where her bathing suit covered her buttocks. What is the most likely pathogen causing these lesions?

Staphylococcus aureus.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


Question 3

A 3-year-old patient presents to your pediatric office with her mother. She has recently started in day care. Her mother noted slight perioral erythema on the right side of the patient’s mouth last night before bed. The patient awoke today with 3 small, superficial, honey-colored vesicles where the erythema was last night. The patient has no surrounding erythema presently. She had no difficulty eating this morning and is active and energetic and doesn’t appear lethargic or fatigued. She is also afebrile. How would you treat this child?

Oral Keflex for 7 days.

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