Translation Science

This is a Doctorate level project. References must be within 5yrs. APA format. 6-8 pages. Zero plagiarism.

Week 4: Translation Science Project Guidelines


The purpose of this assignment is to develop a translation science project to support practice change. Evidence translation is essential to drive actions and decisions to improve healthcare outcomes. Formulation of a comprehensive translation science project supports the professional formation of the DNP scholar.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

·  CO1: Assess the impact of informatics and information technology on organizational systems, change, and improvement. (PO6)

·  CO2: Use information technology to collect and analyze data to generate evidence-based nursing practice across healthcare settings. (PO7)

·  CO3: Design programs that monitor and evaluate outcomes of care, care systems, and quality improvement. (PO7)


Translation Science Project Assignment that focuses on your practice project idea. Concept maps are an effective way to express complex ideas, especially for visual learners. For this assignment, each of the following sections can be presented either as a narrative or as a concept map:

·  Practice Problem/PICOT Question. Practice problem-High body mass index

·  Evidence Synthesis of Literature to Address Practice Problem (High body mass index)

·  Appraisal of the Evidence to Address Selected Problem

·  Translation Path

Please note that you are not required to complete any or all sections as a concept map. If you choose to use a concept map for a section, it should be created in Microsoft Word and placed in that section of your paper. The concept map must meet all the requirements of the assignment rubric for that section. The rubric and page length requirements of the paper are unchanged.

If you need additional information about concept maps and how to create a concept map in Microsoft Word, please access the resources below.

Microsoft Word: Creating a Flowchart, Concept, or Process Map 4:03 minutes

Microsoft Word: Creating a flowchart, concept map, or process map (Links to an external site.)Microsoft Word: Creating a flowchart, concept map, or process map

Concept Mapping for Developing Your Research 3:37 minutes

Concept Mapping for Developing your Research (Links to an external site.)Concept Mapping for Developing your Research

Research Article: Zori, S., & Morrison, B. (2009). Critical thinking in nurse managers. Nursing Economics, 27(2), 75-9, 98. (Links to an external site.)

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of this assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.

1. The assignment should be no less than 6 pages and no more than 8 pages (excluding title and reference pages and appended evidence tables).

2. The assignment will include the following components:

a.  Title Page

b.  Introduction

i.Purpose Statement

ii.Practice Problem Identification

iii.Role of Evidence to Address the Selected Practice Problem.

iv.Role of the DNP Practice Scholar in Evidence Translation

c.  Practice Problem and Question (Narrative or Conceptual Map)



iii.Economic Ramifications

iv.Practice Problem Question in PICOT Format

d.  Evidence Synthesis of Literature to Address the Selected Practice Problem (Narrative or Conceptual Map)

i.Scope of the Evidence Synthesis

ii.Main Points of Each Source

iii.Comparison of Main Points across Sources

e.  Appraisal of the Evidence to Address the Selected Practice Problem (Narrative or Conceptual Map)

i.Level of Evidence

ii.Quality Rating of Evidence

iii.Suitability of the Evidence to Address the Selected Practice Problem

f.  Translation Path (Narrative or Conceptual Map)

i.Potential Internal Factors for Consideration

ii.Potential External Factors for Consideration

iii.Selected Translation or Change Model

iv.Evaluation Plan

v.Anticipated Outcomes

vi.Strategies for Sustainability

g.  Conclusion

i.Summation of the Impact of the Practice Problem

ii.Role of the Appraisal of Evidence to Address the Selected Practice Problem.

iii.Summation of the Role of the DNP Practice Scholar in Evidence Translation

h.  Summary Tables of Evidence to Address the Selected Practice Problem using the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Evidence Summary Tool (Links to an external site.)

i.Provides four sources of evidence to address the practice problem.

b.  APA Style and Organization

ix.APA Standards for Scholarly Papers

§  Level I Headings for the Following

§  Practice Problem and Question

§  Evidence Synthesis of Literature

§  Appraisal of the Evidence

§  Translation Path into Practice

§  Conclusion

§  References

§  Summary Tables of the Evidence

x.Grammar and Mechanics

xi.Paper is 6-8 Pages (excluding Title and Reference Pages and appended Summary Tables)

xii.Uses Required Evidence Summary Table

2.  To complete this assignment, please begin your search from the any library home page. Search on your keywords using the Search Everything field. This search field access all the large library database collections.  Federal and other open access sources are not included in the search functions and must be searched individually.

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