Week 2 Nursing Objectives

Please answer the following questions and then upload into the site labeled Week 2 Learning Objectives

1. The Profession of Nursing

1. Nursing Education and Accreditation


1. Identify the roles of major nursing organizations that have an impact on nursing education.

1. Describe the differences between the ANA, ANCC, CCNE, NLN, and STTI

1. Describe the nursing education accreditation process and its importance.

1. Describe the types of nursing programs and degrees.

1. Explain the purpose of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.


1. The History of Nursing

1. Identify several key figures and events in nursing history.

1. Describe the past image of nursing and critical related issues


1. What is a Profession?

1. Compare and contrast a profession with an occupation.

1. Describe what powers a profession has in our society.

1. Describe autonomy and self-regulation within a profession.


1. What is Nursing?

1. Discuss the ANA definition of nursing.

1. Explain the meaning of caring to nursing.

1. Compare and contrast the art of nursing with the science of nursing.

1. Compare and contrast the major nursing roles.


1. Nursing as a Profession

1. Explain how a nurse enters the profession.

1. Describe the current ethnic/gender characteristics of the nursing profession.

1. Explain the relevance of standards to the nursing profession.

1. Compare and contrast Nurse Practice Act and Nursing Standards of Care.

1. Discuss the development and roles of nursing associations.

1. Define certification and credentialing.


If you are taking information from the power point slides, you do not have to provide an APA reference. This part is more about what you gained from class lecture and discussion this week.

1. Name 3 events or key figures that you believe have impacted nursing. What was the impact and was it positive or negative?

2. Is nursing a profession? Explain the reason for your answer.

3. You have been tasked to write a new definition of nursing-what would it say?

4. List 3 examples of the “art” of nursing

5. List 3 examples of the “science” of nursing