Tableau Assignment

Tableau Journalist Deaths 1992-2018


On October 2nd 2018, Jamal Khashoggi, a well-known journalist and critic of the Saudi government was murdered. From time to time we hear of Journalists being killed, but did you know thousands have been killed? This interesting assignment will enlighten you!

Instructions: Just like you did in the Tableau Lab example this week, use the attached data file, Journalist Deaths.xlsx to answer the following questions for this assignment


You’re now on your own to answer these questions (16pts each).

Exercise #1

Using a highlight table, what country shows the highest number of Journalist killed? What was the amount?


Show your answer here, along with a screen shot of your work here:






Exercise #2

Using a pie chart, show how many male AND female journalist died in the Philippines. Be sure to label your chart with the sex and the number that died.

1. Place your answers and screen shot here.



Exercise #3

There were various ways that journalists died. Unfortunately, this dataset has a lot of nulls (nothing entered) for many journalists, so we’re not sure how they died.


Filtering out these nulls, not surprisingly, Murder was the top reason for many countries. But what country had the most for “Crossfire-Combat Related”? What was the amount?


HINT: This countries murder rate was 17.


Place your ANSWER and screen shot here.



Exercise #4

Using a bar chart chart, display with labels the years of deaths.

What year had the highest amount of Journalist Deaths? What was the amount?

Place your ANSWER and screen shot here.


Exercise #5

Using a packed bubble chart, display in color and with labels the years that female journalists were killed. Do not include male reporters!

What year had the greatest number of female deaths? What was the amount?

Place your answer and screen shot here.


Save this Word document, then upload it to the assignment dropbox for this week.

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