Statistics questions help

1.Pick a continuous variable (that is, interval or ratio in scale of measurement) that is normally distributed. Explain the distribution of the variable. What do scores in the center of the distribution mean for this particular variable? What about scores in the tails?

If you have a z score of +2.58, what does that mean in terms of your specific variable? Please answer in both statistical and real- world language.

Problem Set 4.2: Probabilities: Dichotomous Events

  • Criterion: Calculate probability for a      dichotomous event.
  • Data: Jane has flipped a coin 10      times, and each time it has landed on heads.
  • Instruction: Answer the following:

What is the probability that Jane’s 11th flip will land on heads as well

Problem Set 4.3: Calcuations on z and the Unit Normal Table

  • Criterion: Calculate      percentages based on z scores      and the normal curve.
  • Data: For homes that were sold in the      past year, the average number of days on the market (DOM) was 266 days. During      this time, DOM was normally distributed, with a standard deviation of 12 days.      The Carmichaels sold their house in 245 days.
  • Instruction: Using the unit normal table,      answer what percentage of homeowners:

a. Sold their home at the same point or earlier than the Carmichaels?

b. Sold their home at a later point than the Carmichaels?

c. Sold their home between 245 days and the average DOM?

Problem Set 4.5: Area and the Normal Curve

  • Criterion: Calculate scores and find the area under a      normal curve.
  • Data: The mean combined SAT score for a      sample of high school seniors is 1500 and the standard deviation is 250.
  • Instructions: Answer the following:

a. What percentage of students scored below 1000?

What percentage of students scored above 1750

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