Overview: This purpose of the week 5 discussion board is to examine learning. Answer prompt 1. Then select and answer one prompt from prompts 2-4. Refer to Chapter 6 to answer the prompts


Instructions: Respond to prompts in paragraph form (at least 5 sentences for each prompt

Prompt 1: Describe 3 topics from Chapter 6 that you found interesting.

Prompt 2: Discuss and structural functional, conflict, and symbolic interactionist perspective of deviance.

Prompt 3: Describe how people conform to social norms to avoid behavior that is socially defined as deviant.

Prompt 4: Discuss how attitudes towards interracial marriage, women in the workforce, and nonheterosexuality, all of which used to be labeled as deviant, criminal, or even a psychological disorder, have changed over time.

Prompt 5: (for fun if interested) Violate a minor social norm, such as interrupting someone, cutting in line, paying for fast food with all pennies, or wearing backwards clothing. The violation you choose must not be illegal or cause harm. Write a 200 word reflection of the norm violation you chose to do, specifically discussing how other people responded or tried to socially control you.

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