SLP 4- Managing Complex IT Organizational Change

SLP Assignment: Managing Complex IT Organizational Change and Capstone Paper

The continuing professional development of IT personnel is a key managerial responsibility. In this light, reflect on a subordinate and prepare a somewhat detailed and actionable professional development plan; which would be intended for use in a forthcoming performance review session. In this plan, you should hypothetically assume the individual to be reviewed has indicated interest in a long-term organizational career and steady advancement. From your perspective, your plan would include both near- and long-term objectives and milestones to assist this individual in reaching his or her goals. This plan should include traditional professional development issues such as potential schools and assignments as well as some counsel on how to make use of organizational politics (e.g., getting a senior mentor) and maintain a visible, positive profile. Begin the paper with a brief academic review of the importance of subordinate professional development to personal and organizational performance (with appropriate citations), and then follow this with your detailed plan. The plan title might be: “Achieving Personal Success While Advancing Organizational Performance.”

SLP Expectations

These SLP papers require that you integrate, discuss, contiguously cite, and later fully reference at least three academically sound sources. Use enough concurrent discussion so that the purpose of each citation is apparent to the reader. This paper is incomplete without at least three academically sound references. Relevant magazine articles such as CIO are OK. Also, you may use military/corporate references, but they do not count as one of the required three.

You will be assessed on the appropriateness and completeness of the detail you provide regarding your topic, your use of citations and references as noted above, and your intellectual insight into topically important issues.

You are expected to use correct grammar, spelling, and English vocabulary. Check your paper for missing or inappropriately used words. If in doubt, check the dictionary and not ‘spell check.’ Consider that this paper, and all others, will be reviewed by the CIO and/or your commanding officer. It is strongly suggested that you ask a trusted colleague to review and edit each of your papers.


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