Topic : Strategies for detecting elderly abuse in nursing homes

1. Based on the information collected in the Research Method, formulate the Results section of your selected topic. Do not forget that your Results section needs to provide a visual (table, graphic, figure, etc.) and a narrative paragraph that helps your reader understand the information presented in the visual. Please do not interpret the results!

2. Post your Results.

Results Methods

For this study, a meta-analysis method was performed to synthesize different results found between various studies. The researcher accessed the A Virtual library through the MRU home page. Then, the research accessed into EBSCOhost databases and selected both MEDLINE Complete and CINAHL Complete. An advanced search was done , for which the following keywords were entered in the Boolean search: “Elderly Abuse”  and  ”Nursing Home” The search was limited to references providing full text, peer reviewed, and abstract available. A limitation was set for research published within the last five years, from 2015 to 2020.  In Addition, researcher viewed only articles published in English. The search provided access to a total of 288 articles, which only five (5) studies were selected based on their relevance with the topic; the other 283 were discarded.

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