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Evidenced-Based Practice is utilized to improve patient safety and outcomes in the workplace. It also has a positive impact to improve employee engagement and job satisfaction. Evidence-Based practice coexists with having policy and procedures in the workplace to help with patient values and clinician’s expertise when making decisions with patient care (Hameed, 2021).

This approached is utilized every day in healthcare. Policies and procedures are implemented everyday especially when an incident occurs. For example, maternal death or fetal demise in the Obstetric unit is a way to implement policies to help improve the workplace. Morbidity and mortality, the goal is to improve the environment which can improve patient outcomes. If there is a policy that is not implemented and can benefit the workplace, the CNO and chairman of the department will assist with making this happen to improve the environment.

I think that Evidence-based practice is not used apart from or in conjunction with the other approaches. However, on the contrary, it coexists with research and QI. All of these are needed to help improve patient outcomes. Patient safety is very important in the healthcare setting as it can impede patient care. Having a policy in place, researching improvement can assist with patient care and making the healthcare organization a better place by decreasing morbidity and mortality.

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