Research Paper: Dissertation Chapter 2

Use the Idea you submitted earlier to write a research paper that simulates Chapter 2 of the dissertation process.

Here are the requirements:

  • It should provide research that corresponds with the dissertation idea.
  • It should be at least 15 pages.
  • It should follow the formatting from the dissertation guide.
  • Make sure that you cite all resources (APA style)

Chapter 2 is about subsections based on deductive approach.


The topic i would like to choose is that “how information technology had reshaped/changed the global economy” – over the past decade the information technology is re-defining and re-structuring our concept of society. Information technology had created so many advancements like empowerment, education system, productivity and so forth all of these activities leads to economic growth. On the other hand, based on the article and a research paper their is one point in common that their are certain non-technological companies or countries where they do not have technology are totally getting shut down or being consumed by IT companies for less money.

In the past the IT bought some economic development to the economy but in the last 10 years the information technology had changed and spread rapidly – once the Internet era had became popular, then it is all about social media and now we are in the era of  artificial intelligence where the information technology research is still going on. According to a study by 2023 most of the jobs will be automated and my question would be will it be benefit the economic growth of the country because so many people could end up being jobless and that can create a breakdown.

From the year 1980 to 2001 the information technology did showed a large economic growth and about sixty percent of the worlds output and investment comes form information technology. Their are certain negative sides to the IT as well because based on the requirement of the technology only hight educated people are capable to owning certain IT job and for the people with low level of education does not have as much opportunities in IT  so, in a sense it is creating a level of political or social boarder in the economy. It will be a good topic to continue further research on how the IT will shape our economy in future.


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