Research Paper (Digital Systems Design & Forensics)

Digital Systems Design & Forensics

NOTE: Choose ONE of the questions listed below as your research paper topic. Use APA guidelines, 7th edition. You are to provide citations and have a minimum of 10 citations. These citations must be from peer-reviewed works (Journals, Books, Government/Industry Papers, Master’s and Doctoral Dissertations).



Title: Implementing Digital Forensic Readiness – From Reactive to Proactive Process

Publisher: SYNGRESS

Author: Jason Sachowski

Edition/Volume/Copyright: The 1st Edition/_/2016

ISBN: 978-0-12-804454-4

Please see the attachment for the above textbook.

RESEARCH PAPER QUESTIONS: (pick one question)

1.Why we need to do evidence management? Is it necessary?

2.Discuss about the cost and benefit of forensic readiness.

3.Why we need to do research about business risk scenarios?

4.The importance of potential data sources identification is emphasized in digital forensics. How can you improve the identification process?

5.Why do we need to establish legal admissibility in digital forensics?

6.In establishing secure storage and handling, backup and restoration strategies are very important. Why?

7.How can you enable targeted monitoring? Any issues we need to consider very carefully before doing it?

8. How can digital forensic tools provide a benefit in risk management?  How might this impact incident response?

The research paper must follow the pattern listed below;

Use APA guidelines 7th edition, in-text citations. Zero Plagiarism.

*Select your research topic. Explain why you selected the topic and include a theological statement. (280 – 350 words)

*What are the key issues about the topic you selected?  (280 – 350 Words)

*Compare and contrast your topic as it relates to digital systems design and forensics. (280 – 350  Words)

*What digital systems design and forensics technologies can be applied to your topic? (280 – 350 Words)

*What are the key issues of those technologies which can be applied to perform digital forensics work? (280 – 350 Words)

*What is the future of this topic in regard to technology? (280 – 350 Words)

*What are future issues to be concerned with about your topic? (280 – 350 Words)

Make sure you pay attention to each of the following:

Use APA guidelines.

Check your spelling and grammar

Include at least 14 peer-reviewed sources.

Add narrative transitions where appropriate.

Include a Table of Contents.

Include a References section in the back.

NOTE: Table of content and References does not count as part of the words counts or pages.

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