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Hospitals have always had to maintain good hand hygiene; however, it was a challenge. Hand hygiene was even more of importance to all healthcare workers, patients, and the world once the COVID-19 pandemic began. A study on the impact of increased hand hygiene in hospitals after the pandemic began discussed correlation with improved hand hygiene and school closures, as well as increased awareness contributed to the spike in compliance (Moore et al, 2021).

I worked at a school as an office manager and prior to the pandemic, hand washing was not on the daily schedule. When the school year began, hand washing was in the daily flow of every classroom, and although there were some Covid-19 cases, it was significantly less than what could have been if the hand hygiene was not implemented. In addition, the school saw less viruses, common colds, and no hand, foot, and mouth viruses in the 2020-2021 school year, which was not the norm. The school would have one to two outbreaks of hand, foot, and mouth virus on a yearly basis pre-pandemic.

The nurse’s role is to continue the same or increased sanitation, hand hygiene as during the pandemic even after the threat has left. Hand hygiene is an important step that cannot be skipped, it must be implemented in all areas of work, schools, and society. The increased access to hand sanitizers everywhere have helped stop the spread of germs.


Moore, L. D., Robbins, G., Quinn, J., & Arbogast, J. W. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on hand hygiene performance in hospitals. American Journal of Infection Control49(1), 30–33.


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RE: Discussion Prompt

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A change that has been implemented at my job is always having to wear the mask and social distancing regulations, I work with elementary school children so being on top of kids for wearing a mask is difficult and having to always separate them to follow social distance rules has been a challenge. The children have become so accustomed to being on their computer for school, so most children do not socialize like they use to last year when I worked before covid happened. The change has caused an outcome of children being more drawn to playing on there computer rather than socializing with there peers. The study could survey a group of children and interview the children regarding how active they were before the pandemic compared to how active they are in present time and see how much more time they spend on technology before and after the pandemic.


Dissemination of nursing is a method that should lead our clinical practice, decisions and change to improve the way that nurses deliver care to patients in a safe, transparent, and efficient healthcare requirement and meeting the expectations of patients, families, and society. A nurse’s role in communication allows the patients to be a part of their plan of care. There was a study done that stated “the findings suggest that these summaries are well-accepted by nurses and increase their knowledge of research findings” (Oermann, 2009). Which means the more information a nurse has the better the care could be for the patient and the nurse can become more knowledge of the patient’s condition and better care for the patient.

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