Reproductive Endocrinology

-Research paper needs to be 5 pages, the 5 pages of the research paper are not including the Title page, Abstract & Reference sheet.

-References must be from 2015 to present

-Minimum of 4-5 Articles/Book work cited refrences

After the Research Paper is done, I also will need a Powerpoint created with the same information added onto it. Somewhere in the powerpoint I will need a 3-4 minute video included regarding the topic. The powerpoint does NOT need to be done the same day as the Research Paper, can be after.

Professor Feedback

“This is good but images should also appear in the appendix of your paper (after the references page). They should each be labeled figure 1, etc. and should be referred to as so in the paper.
Also your reference page is not in alphabetical order”

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