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In your participation responses to your peers, comments must demonstrate thorough analysis of postings and extend meaningful discussion by building on previous postings.

Peer 1

After reading through conceptual modules, I decided to discuss Hamric’s Integrated Model of Advanced Practice Nursing.  This model helped me organize my beliefs and knowledge about advance practice nursing in multiple ways.  Hamric’s model has seven key elements and four categories (Tracy & O’Grady, 2018).  This model allows building blocks for others to update as healthcare evolves.

I like this model because the focus is on the patient and family first.  This is simple to me because I have practiced this way my entire career.  The challenging part will be transitioning from a registered nurse to an APN role.

The structure of this model for research on advance practice nursing is shown through evidence based practice.  Applying current research will improve patient and family outcomes.  Reading, understanding, utilizing, education and discussion will allow the patient and family to participate in the plan of care.  When you incorporate the patient it allows you to explain why you order labs, diagnostic test, and medications.  Following this model will help inform future research studies by patient compliance.  If new research is not used and published, thee is possibility of becoming a stagnant provider.

Collaboration is useful within this model.  Collaborating with ancillary departments will improve the patient’s overall health, by ensuring the problems are identified and referring to the right provider and or department.  Departments such as therapy, social work, community resources.

In order to prepare for an APN role and practice safely, you bust see the big picture.  An APN should focus on the safest and most efficient treatment.  I imagine myself as the “gate keeper”, wanting positive outcomes in my career.  Hamric’s model works well while treating patients holistically and comprehensively.  I intend on using this model after completing the FNP program.


Tracy,  M.,  & O’Grady, E.  (2018). Hamric and Hanson’s Advanced Practice Nursing: An

Integrated Approach, (6th ed.). Sauders

Peer 2

I feel my knowledge about advanced practice nursing is not as vast as I thought it was.  There seems to be more information than I had planned on.  I feel the models help organize features that are important to an advanced practice nurse (APN).

The Strong Memorial Hospital’s Model of APN appealed to me due to my current job being in a hospital.  This model in a nutshell lays out some basic tenets and guidance, with 5 domains that an employee could work through from novice to expert. (Tracy & O’Grady 2019)

The Strong model provides structure, of several different aspects of the APN role which does include one arm for research. “The five domains are direct comprehensive patient care, support of systems, education, research, and publication and professional leadership. All domains have direct and indirect activities associated with them.” (Tracy O’Grady, 2019 p. 46) The Strong model does have a strong structure where concepts are easily identified and can be synthesized with all five of their branches.

I find it interesting in this model that they state, “It is notable that this model was the result of a collaborative effort between practicing APRNs and APRN faculty members. One could infer that such a model would be useful for guiding clinical practice and planning curricula” (Tracy O’Grady, 2019 p.46)

The Strong model does have a clear picture with its five domains, it shows ways to provide comprehensive care, but could focus more on holistic care and ways to provide that care. I found the pictures they used to illustrate their model helped solidify the model in my head and gave a clearer picture of ways to follow their processes.


Tracy, M. F., & O’Grady, E. T. (2019). Hamric and Hanson’s advanced practice nursing an integrative approach (6th ed.). Elsevier.

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