150 word per question and a total of 750. Use the book attached.

Part 1:

Question A: Chapter 5: Compare ‘Change Theories’ to ‘Change Strategies’. B) Explain your understanding of the nurse’s role in change. Provide example of what a nurse leader can do to be a change agent.

Question B: Chapter 3 —A) Name 3 different models of care discussed in the chapter. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the 3 difference models of care discussed in the chapter. B) If you were in a manager position, which one would you prefer and why?

Question C: Chapter 13 – A) Discuss how different types of conflict can be positive or negative, provide example or hypothetical situation for each. B) What do you feel is the most difficult part of handling conflict? What points from this chapter will you plan to try the next time you are involved in a conflict?

Question D: Chapter 24 – A) Summarize your understanding of the components of workplace violence. B) Elaborate on an experience or observation that you experience bullying or a violent event? How did you respond, what is your perception of the event? Was it reported? What was the response of authorities or leaders in the situation? What do you feel should have been done differently?

Part 2: Address your ‘a-ha moment’ for this week: Something that was a realization for the week, that really opened your eyes, changed your perceptions and/or something that you now know that you will remember forever. It may be from another class or clinical, but the topic must have a direct connection to something in this course.

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