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Managing Group Policy Within the Microsoft Windows Environment

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In this lab, you created and linked Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO) to

domain computers and used the Group Policy Manager Console (GPMC) to deploy

security policies across the domain. You also generated policy audit reports from the

GPMC and the Windows Command Prompt to analyze the existence of and effectiveness

of the GPO.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. Is using the option to Store passwords using reversible encryption a good security practice? Why or why not?



2. Compare the GPO Report and the RSOP Report.


3. How often are GPO changes applied? Must the user be logged off the system?









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4. Which GPO policy takes precedence in the case of a policy conflict? Why?



5. What is the value of the Group Policy in an enterprise environment?



6. What are some of the reasons that an organization would need to document their existing GPO settings?





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