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Using Access Control Lists to Modify File System Permissions on Windows Systems

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In this lab, you used the Windows command-line utility, icacls.exe, to establish file-level

permissions following a set of access control requirements. You tested those permissions

by remotely accessing the Windows server and attempting to modify files in the secured

folders. You used screen captures to document that the access control changes you made

in this lab were properly applied.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. What is the principle of least privilege?


2. What does ACL stand for and how it is used?


3. Why would you add permissions to a group instead of the individual?


4. List at least three different types of access control permissions you can enable for a file using icacls.exe.





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5. Which access control permissions allow you to change files and/or folders?


6. If you don’t remember the syntax when using icacls.exe, what command do you type to see the options?


7. Without using the icacls.exe tool, how could you view and modify the privileges of the files or folders of a shared drive?


8. Where do permissions modified using the icacls.exe tool appear in the folder Properties?




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