Question 2

Please select one of the following health behaviors: unintentional injury, workplace injury, violence, risky sexual behavior. Please apply the ecological framework to describe one intervention you would recommend, using at least one of the three main levels of the framework (intrapersonal, interpersonal and environment levels), if you wanted to change your selected health behavior in a rural population. For the intervention you develop, please answer the following questions: (10 pts)

  1. Which level (s) of the ecological framework does this intervention address, and why did you choose to change this behavior at this level(s) as opposed to the other levels of the framework?
  2. What specific activities will be included in your intervention program?
  3. Who are some key stakeholders you would need to consider when developing this intervention in a rural setting? Also, how would you incorporate them into the development of your intervention?

Please summarize your responses in a 1-3 page double spaced typed paper using 12-pt. Arial or Times Roman font. Please be sure to cite your sources (both textbook and outside sources) in APA format.

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