Professional Development

This assignment allows you to reflect upon your experience in working in an interprofessional team: Think of a recent experience when you were part of team: what was the purpose of the team or committee? who was on team? what was the value of interprofessional practice for this team? how is this related to nursing? what did you learn?

Paper should be presented in the format of a student paper including title page, margins, font size, grammar and references as described in the 6th or 7th edition of the APA manual. The length of the paper should be approx 2 pages (excluding title and references). At least one scholarly reference is required. Please take the time to review the template and the APA Tips posted in the ‘Start Here’ module to ensure your paper is in proper format!

Describe your experience working in an interprofessional model (or team, committee, etc) – who is on the team?

5  points

Describe how this is related to nursing

3 points

What was the value of interprofessional model for this team/committee/event?

4 points

Format: APA: Grammar, including sentence structure, spelling paragraphing & organization: writing style, logic, timely submission; one reference required.

3  point


15 points

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