Power Point

Paper requirements: Label each part above with a Level 1 heading; paper should be 1250 words minimum with at least 3 scholarly sources and the textbook.

  • First, describe the data gathered on your client for each of the 7 assessments; it should be clearly documented in detail in your paper.
  • Also, interpret the findings according to pathophysiologic disease states and then choose ONE physiologic abnormality found and discuss possible pathophysiologic reasons for the abnormality related to a holistic basis. How does this abnormality impact the other areas of the patient’s life, especially those areas discussed in this course?
  • Next, discuss the client’s stress and coping mechanisms.  Are they healthy?  What improvements could be made?
  • Finally, create a teaching plan that addresses the client holistically.  Describe at least one client goal for each of the categories (physical, psychological, social, cultural, developmental, and spiritual).  AND answer: How would you teach the client about each goal?  How would you evaluate your teaching?


PPT requirements: Develop a Power Point presentation as if you were teaching your client the above to address and meet the goals listed in the teaching portion of the paper. You should have at least 6 slides (one for each type of goal – physical, psychological, social, cultural, developmental, and spiritual), in addition to the title slide, obj slide, and references slide (so that is a minimum total of 9 slides).  Please be sure to have at least one scholarly source used and cited in the PPT.

  • Again, the Power Point presentation should be developed for your client as if you were going to teach them the information above (so pretend I am your client and teach me as if you are presenting to them :)). Remember all the rules for a professional APA PPT!

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