POM+ Project, Part 1

Develop the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) outline and Gantt chart using Microsoft® Project 2016 and the information provided in the textbook. Save your file.

Use this file and the information provided below to create a project schedule:

  • The following holidays are observed: January 1, Martin Luther King Day (third Monday in January), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), July 4th, Labor Day (first Monday in September), Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November), December 25 and 26.
  • If a holiday falls on a Saturday then Friday will be given as an extra day off, and if it falls on a Sunday then Monday will be given off.
  • The project team works eight-hour days, Monday through Friday.
  • The project will begin on January 3, 20XX.

Based on this schedule, write a 1-page memo that answers the following questions:

  • When is the project estimated to be completed?
  • How many working days will it take?
  • What is the critical path?
  • Which activity has the most total slack?
  • How sensitive is this network?
  • Identify two sensible milestones, and explain your choice.

Submit the following:

  • Your Microsoft® Project file
  • The 1-page memo
  • Include the following (one page) printouts:
  • A Gantt chart
  • A network diagram highlighting the critical path.
  • A schedule table reporting ES, LS, EF, LF, and slack for each activity

Hints: Change the timescale to months and weeks. The estimated duration of the project is 135 days.

Remember: Save your files for future assignments!

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