Pn Maternal Newborn

A nurse is caring for a client experiencing postpartum hemorrhage. What interventions should be implemented?
Suggested Maternal Newborn Learning Activity: PostpartumHemorrahge

A nurse is caring for a client who just had an external cephalic version procedure to correct a breech presentation. What are two (2) risks with this procedure? What are five (5) important nursing interventions following an external cephalic version?

Suggested Maternal Newborn Learning Activity:  Labor Positions

The nurse is reviewing the labs of a client admitted to the labor unit with a diagnosis of preeclampsia. What are reportable laboratory finding in the client with preeclampsia? Suggested learning activity: Gestational Hypertension

The nurse is teaching the client about danger signs in the third trimester. What would the nurse include in the danger signs to be reported to the provider immediately?

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