Anatomy and physiology of pain


Pain management



1. Describe clinical categories of pain; characterize pain threshold and pain tolerance.

(Somatogenic, Psychogenic pain, Acute, chronic, somatic, visceral, referral pain, etc.)

2. Describe what is the meaning of the pain threshold.

3. Describe the alterations occurring in fever, hyperthermia, and hypothermia

4. Describe sleep disorders; cite examples.

5. Identify common diseases that are associated with the special senses and describe their etiologies and manifestations.

6. Describe the outcomes for alterations in arousal

7. Relate clinical manifestations to levels of consciousness and characterize rostral-caudal progression of nonresponsiveness distinguish between cerebral and brain death.

8. Describe alterations in awareness.

9. Differentiate between focal and diffuse brain trauma.

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