Part 1: BRD

The CEO and CIO have accepted your recommendations for implementing an EDMS for the Hollywood Organic Co-op’s five sites. They have requested that you develop a business requirements document (BRD) that details the requirements and design for an enterprise EDMS.

Begin working on the information that must be included in the final business requirements document due in Week 6.

Write a 2- to 3-page requirements document draft that addresses creating a new EDMS to be used by your company to store and track all e-documents.

  • Identify the types of e-documents and other content that can be created (e.g., letters, spreadsheets, reports, or paper images).
  • For each type of e-document, provide an example e-document that may exist in the Hollywood Organic Co-op organization.
  • Define the key personnel within the Hollywood Organic Co-op organization who require access to the EDMS.
  • Describe appropriate logical access controls for the EDMS based on the roles within the organization who require access to each type of e-document.

Note: You may format this assignment in a bulleted list, document table, or other method of your choice in a Microsoft® Word document. A narrative or formal paper is not required.

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