Nutrition Assignment

Be sure to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION LISTED. There are a lot, I know. In the past, students have lost more points from omitting answers to questions than from answering the questions incorrectly. You will be required to do some math for some of the questions. For any calculations you do, write them down on a separate sheet of paper or type into a Word document and then submit that Calculations Page along with the other required documents. It is perfectly fine for the Calculations Page to be handwritten – simply scan and then upload with the rest of the assignment.

Follow the instructions IN ORDER as they are written. A well-organized paper is easier for me to grade. I should not have to hunt around for your answer to each of the questions.

Keep in mind that YOU are the subject of this paper; therefore, it can and should be written in the first person.

I will deduct points for poor grammar, spelling, etc. While this is not an English class, it is important to remember this is considered a professional writing assignment. REMEMBER to properly cite your references. Use this link if you need help:

Also, I would appreciate it if you would double-space your report.

In the section where you are comparing your intake to the MyPlate report, this link will help you approximate your intake of oils:

After comparing your intake to the recommendations on the ‘MyPlate’ report, you must then compare your diet to Dietary Guidelines for Americans (page 6 on the instructions). Within the instructions for this paper, there is a link to take you to the Guidelines. When comparing your diet to these guidelines, keep in mind that not only are there Guidelines that discuss what should be included in a healthy diet, but there are also Guidelines that discuss what should be limited in a healthy diet. Be sure to discuss ALL Guidelines.

In the macronutrient section of your paper you are asked to calculate the % of kcals you consumed from carb, fat, protein, etc.  Remember when determining the % of kcals you will need to first convert the grams you consumed to the kcal value – then you can take the kcal value for each divided by the total kcals (3 day average) YOU consumed. The Bar Graph report will be incredibly helpful in this process: here you will find the average value for carb intake, for protein intake, etc. The “value” column tells you what you consumed for each. When doing the calculations for this paper, be sure to base them on YOUR AVERAGE intake for 3 days. Do not base your calculations on your DRI – that is an estimate of what you need; it is not the quantity that you consumed.

For example:   Your 3 day average intake of carbohydrate is 150g and your 3 day average calorie intake is 2108 calories/day

How many calories is this? (150g x4 cal/g) = 600 cal from carbohydrate

Then, you will divide this by your total calorie intake (3 day average) to find the % of YOUR total calories that came from carbohydrate

(600 calories/2108 total calories) x100 = 25.6% of total calories from carbohydrate.

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