Nursing Research

I’m working on a health & medical multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.
Practice Question 1: Does motivational interviewing during a regularly scheduled well-child visit for children between 5-19 years with a BMI of 30 and above as compared to practice as usual, influence BMI, BP, quality of life, and daily physical activity over 8-10 weeks?

Identify the PICOT elements.
What are key search terms identified in the practice question?
Conduct a library search using these search terms to locate a research study addressing this practice problem and consider the following.

What is the research-evidence based intervention addressed in the study?
What is the quantifiable outcome(s)? How will the outcome(s) be measured? What potential reliable and valid measurements/tools may be used to measure this quantifiable data?
Is this practice question answerable within 8-10 weeks? Why or why not?
I need to answer the two picot question the use keywords from the questions,perform a literature search. From the search study answer to the questions. Reference should be in APA 7th

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