Nursing Leadership Interview:

You will select and interview a nursing leader on your unit or area. THE EMERGENCY ROOM  This leader can be the charge nurse, clinical nurse specialist, assistant nurse manager, nurse manager, wound care nurse, etc. This person needs to have a minimum of a BSN and be in a leadership role. If you are not employed, select a nursing leader you know that fits the qualification.

Audio-record the interview so that you may progress through the interview in a timely manner and actively participate in the discussion (this is not possible if you are trying to write the conversation down as it occurs).

You will need to have the leader sign the interview consent form (found in Unit 3, attachment below) prior to starting the audio-recording. The interview should last no more than 30 minutes.

The 2-4 page paper will begin with a brief introduction of the leader being interviewed, followed by five assigned questions and three additional questions of your own, and concluding with a summary.

APA format including references required. Review how to cite personal communications in text. Personal communications are not listed on the reference page. Why? You are correct, any source on a reference page must be retrievable.

Leadership Interview Assignment Guide

Introduction: Brief introduction of leader being interviewed.

A Learning Conversation (Level 1 Heading):  State each question you posed along with the interviewee’s responses.

a) Determine from the interviewee the mission/vision and goals of the organization.

b) Determine what expectations the unit or specific area has for a BSN prepared nurse in terms of meeting the organization’s mission/vision and goals.

c) Describe what actions the interviewee recommends you take to establish yourself in the profession at the BSN level, specifically as related to your chosen nurse specialty role.

d) Discuss the quality improvement measures in progress on the unit or a specific area.

e) Discuss what the interviewee sees as important issues that need to be addressed to make the unit or specific area better.

In addition, you are to develop three (3) additional, relevant questions that serve to further your understanding of successful role transition, understanding of quality improvement measures, or understanding of issues on the unit or specific area that need to be addressed.

Summary (Level 1 Heading): Summarize the key points of the interview. Evaluate issues needing to be addressed on the unit or a specific area that the interviewee mentioned or describe issues you have experienced or noticed that you feel need to be addressed. Provide information about your current professional status (where you are now in your career).

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