Nursing Leadership In A Diverse Society

Conflict Handling Style

This assignment will help you understand conflict at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Using the University Online Library or the Internet, research and identify additional information on handling conflict.

Based on your research and understanding, create a paper in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document that:

Includes a description of:

·  Change theories: Environmental Change Theory, Teleological Change, Life Cycle.

·  Conflict theories: Organizational conflict theory, Social conflict theory, Social cognitive theory, Social exchange theory.

·  Leader as a change agent: According to Canterucci (2003), leaders facilitate change on five levels:
Level 1: Leaders accept the need for change and create a receptive environment for the change. This level deals with small changes that have clear direction.
Level 2: Leaders define and initiate change as well as identify points of influence.
Level 3: Leaders translate the organization’s vision into the context of the specific change. This occurs with an organization-wide change.
Level 4: Leaders manage complex, cultural dynamics to create a strategic course for change. This is a high-transformation change.
Level 5: Often called the revolutionary change, leaders on this level champion and support the final change process.

Integrates how your ability to handle conflict can either enhance or hinder effective leadership in the health care environment.

Please note that the title and reference pages should not be included in the total page count of your paper.

As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. Support your work, using your course lectures and textbook readings. Helpful APA guides and resources are available in the  University Online Library. Below are guides that are located in the library and can be accessed and downloaded via the  University Online Citation Resources: APA Style page. The American Psychological Association website also provides detailed guidance on formatting, citations, and references at APA Style.

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