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Goal for final exam: I am looking for confirmation of the knowledge and learning that has occurred this semester. Your answers should be comprehensive, clear, complete and correct. Proofread.

1. 20 points

a. 10 points: How has this “Long Term Care Administration” course contributed to your comprehension of the intricacies of the health care delivery system?


b. 10 points: Why is it both critical and beneficial to students to learn how long term care is integrated within the overall continuum of care?


2. 20 points

The off campus experience, why your visit to Hospice of southern ky Inc (, was most beneficial to your learning about long term care? And that you would recommend for future classes. WHY? – detailed answer required, minimum two paragraphs.


3. 35 points: Leadership is not the same as authority.

Leadership skills are needed for successful management of long-term care facilities. Leadership is often developed and perfected over time; however, new college graduates are often put in leadership positions in long-term care.

After watching the TED Talk leadership video “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe” by author Simon Sinek think about some basic things that new graduates can immediately do to both show and provide leadership to their staff and patients/residents. Then answer the following three questions. There is no right or wrong answer but thoughtfulness is both required and expected.

a. 10 points: In healthcare, what are things that we do – or things that happen – that make employees feel unsafe?


b. 10 points: In healthcare, what are the opportunities for things we can do better – actions or decisions or policies or programs – to help make employees feel more safe?


c. 15 points: When leaders make employees feel safe, how does this help the overall quality of care and quality of life for patients/residents?


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