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According to Polifroni (2018), nursing philosophy is a reference that helps deem ideas correct, inconsistent, or wrong, and aids in guiding assumptions and actions in advanced nursing practices.  Not only does it examine how nurses approach studying science, it also brings into question knowledge itself.  Using this process helps nurses develop best standard practices by way of praxis.

Praxis is a part of the philosophy of science.  Prolifroni defines praxis as “the planned, deliberate, and thoughtful creation of a plan of action to achieve a set goal” (p. 11).  I believe this is a technique used in all parts of nursing to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.  Praxis is also applied to all fields of nursing.  From community health to floor nursing, nurses set goals to achieve and collaborate with other specialties in order to find the best way to arrive at that goal.

Rodgers (2018) also adds much of the focus of nursing is on skills, rather than the knowledge which drives those skills.  Nursing theory provides the framework for what makes nursing a professional discipline.  Having a defined base that examines why nurses do what they do supports the work of nurses and provides information necessary to the delivery of effective care and continuing the development of nursing as a discipline (Rodgers, 2018).   Advanced practice nurses will be an important factor in the devolvement of new research and forming evidenced-based practices as our society continues to evolve and change.

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