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APA, citation and reference please. If you want to get information you can use the same website that this person used. I included them at the end.

I chose unstructured interview to address my research question, should Nurse Practitioner work independently, why or why not? Level of measurement would be nominal. Unstructured interview is also called discovery interview or informal interview. It is a guided conversation. It includes open ended questions. This type of interview is more flexible than others since questions can be changed and adapted depending on the answers. It also generates qualitative data and provides increased validity since it gives a chance to the person being interviewed to offer a more in depth answer. One of the disadvantages includes being time consuming (Mcleod, 2014).

The level of measurement “Nominal” is used for qualitative research. It distinguishes by name. In my research, it will distinguish Family nurse practitioners from physicians.  It represents the lowest level of measurement (Osherson, 2017).

For my research, I will choose the same amount of Nurse practitioners and physicians and I will ask them if they feel Nurse practitioners should work independently without physicians oversight and what is their reasoning behind their answers.

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