Nursing homework help

Write three pages of paper reviewing the brochure.  Include current nursing or healthcare journal article to support your critique.

Include the following sections in the essay: Section headers are required

                                               Introduction of brochure

Introduce your paper and purpose for the assignment (one paragraph). In this section, include in paragraph format: the brochure title, date it was published, describe individuals or groups. Brochure properly cited, included on reference list, and submitted with assignment

                                                       Article Summary

In this section, you will explain the main topics discussed in the Brochure.


Review information that promotes communication between patients and healthcare providers

                                                  Personal reflection

Explain why this topic was important to you

                                                    Evaluation of brochure 

Include the following information in paragraph style: Was the information provided in the brochure beneficial? Could you incorporate it in your patient education? ii. What was done well, and what could have been improved in the brochure? iii. Was the information presented clearly? iv. did current nursing or healthcare related research article support the information presented in the brochure? v. What population or individuals does this article apply to (i.e., who will benefit the most from this brochure)? vi. Who else can use this information? vii. Will this information increase patient safety?

                                                   Evidence Review and Application

In this section, include minimum two Evidence that was integrated from a recent (5 years) scholarly nursing journal article to support your answers.


Write a summary of the paper that is complete yet concise. Restates main ideas Includes supporting information from body of paper that summarizes the benefits of the brochure’s advice to a person at risk, End the Conclusion with a concluding statement tying the parts of your paper together as a whole.

APA style and structure


3 pages excluding tile page and reference page

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