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Epstein and Turner state that there are several elements in producing nurses in today’s day and age. Nurses must have accredited education, obtain their licenses and certifications through a rigorous process, and they must follow the code of ethics. The American Nurses Association (ANA) has guided and supported the nursing profession since it began. This organization implemented the Code of Ethics for Nurses which has been nationally accepted (2015). This Code of Ethics can and does guide the nursing profession in multiple ways. The ANA has also supported the nursing profession by developing policies and establishing the scope and standards of practice for nursing (Epstein and Turner, 2015).

According to an ANA Position Statement, part of being a nurse means to be able to establish a trusting relationship with the patient. When we plan the patient’s care, we need to take into account their lifestyle, their culture, their religious and spiritual beliefs, what their primary language is, etc. (2021). With all of these things in mind, we must remember that decisions made by the patient are theirs to make. We may not agree with their decision, but we must respect it (ANA Position Statement, 2021). We can assist patients with decision-making by laying out facts for them. We cannot tell the patient what to do. Once they make a decision, we must act as an advocate for our patient to ensure that their decision is being met. The ANA Position Statement also says that as nurses, we are leaders who must actively participate in making sure that the correct interventions are being implemented to optimize our patient’s care and their outcomes from our care (2021). Being this activist means we are responsible for the care of our patient and ensuring that what the patient wants is being met. Patients have the legal right and the moral right to decide what is to be done with and to their own person (ANA Position Statement, 2021). The ANA supports this idea about nursing practice, and as nurses, we assume this supportive duty as well.


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Epstein, B., & Turner, M. (2015). The Nursing Code of Ethics: Its Value, Its History. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 20(2), 4.

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