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The identification of a need is the cornerstone of a project. The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an organizational needs assessment. The formulation of a comprehensive organizational needs assessment supports the professional formation of the DNP-prepared nurse. To complete the assessment of the organizational need, you will need to interview a key decision-maker at the practicum site. For students not implementing their DNP Project at a practicum site, complete the assignment as if you had interviewed a key decision-maker at a practicum site.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  • CO 2: Formulate a needs-based organizational assessment to inform strategic leadership decision-making. (POs 3, 5, 7)
  • CO 3: Develop strategies to lead project planning, implementation, management, and evaluation to promote high value healthcare. (POs 3, 5, 7)

Due Date(s)

Submit your assignment by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday at the end of Week 3. The late assignment policy applies to this assignment.

Total points possible: 125

Page Requirement:

Length: 3-4 pages, excluding cover page and references


To create flexibility, we are providing you options on this assignment. Concept maps are an effective way to express complex ideas, especially for visual learners. For this assignment, each of the sections can be presented either as a narrative or as a concept map.

Please note that you are not required to complete any or all sections as a concept map. If you choose to use a concept map for a section, it should be created in Microsoft Word and placed in that section of your paper. The concept map must meet all the requirements of the assignment rubric for that section. The rubric and page length requirements of the paper are unchanged.

If you need additional information about concept maps and how to create a concept map in Microsoft Word, please access the following resources.

Review the Graduate Re-Purpose Policy in the Student Handbook, page 15:

Repurposed Work (Chamberlain University Graduate Programs only): Graduate students have the opportunity to use previously submitted ideas as a foundation for future courses. No more than 50 percent of an assignment, excluding references, may be repurposed from another Chamberlain University course (excluding practicum courses). Previous course assignments that are deemed building blocks will be notated in the syllabus by the course leader. As with every assignment, students must uphold academic integrity; therefore, students must follow the guidelines for remaining academically honest according to the Academic Integrity policy. If the instructor is not made aware of the repurposing of an assignment, the submission will be treated as plagiarized work if not properly referenced

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of this assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.

  1. The assignment should be 3-4 pages (excluding title and reference pages).
  2. The assignment will include the following components:
    1. Title Page
    2. Introduction
      1. Start your introduction with a powerful statement or two to stimulate interest.
      2. Introduce the practice problem or need
      3. Provide a preview of what the paper will include with a strong thesis sentence.
    3. Identification of the Practice Problem or Need
      1. Describe the practice problem or need.
      2. Discuss how the practice problem or need was determined.
      3. Briefly summarize the evidence in the literature, using in-text citations/references, to support the need for change. (Minimum of five current peer-reviewed journal articles).
      4. Describe the source of the evidence (i.e. internal data) to support the need for change at the practicum site to improve outcomes and/or nursing practice. For example, incident reports, readmission rates, infection rates, etc.
    4. Identify the stakeholders who have some form of stake or interest in the project outcomes.
      1. Identify key stakeholders who will support the change.
      2. Identify key stakeholders who may resist the change.
      3. Identify who will have the most influence on positive or negative changes related to your identified problem
    5. Use the DNP Topic Prioritization Worksheet (Links to an external site.) link to determine whether the practice problem is recognized as a priority within the practicum site. Do not attach the worksheet.
      1. Describe the criteria determined to be of high priority.
      2. Describe the criteria determined to be of low priority.
      3. Provide a summary of your assessment.
    6. Complete the gap analysis template (Links to an external site.) and include it in your paper. For directions on how to copy a table in Word go to the following link: Move or Copy a Table (Links to an external site.).
      1. The gap analysis can be presented in paragraph format instead of copy and pasting the template.
    7. Conclusion
      1. Provide a well-rounded and comprehensive conclusion.
      2. Summarize the assessment.
      3. Provide support for the need to conduct the project.
    8. References
  3. APA Style and Standards
    1. Uses appropriate Level I headers
    2. Reference and citations are in current APA style
    3. Paper length is 3-4 pages excluding title and reference pages
  4. Clarity of Writing
    1. Uses standard English grammar and sentence structure
    2. No spelling or typographical errors
    3. Organized presentation of ideas

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