Nursing homework help

Introduction and conclusion

Purpose: Summarize and appraise an article for bias and validity in a collaborative environment.

Assessment: The DBs are worth 35 points. It will be graded based quality of 3 posts made on 3 different days. Please see the grading rubric embedded below for complete criteria.

Instructions: Carefully read, summarize, and appraise your group’s assigned article. The discussion board for this week should cover the following concepts in order to have a complete draft by the end of the week. As you provide input to your peers, be sure to state a rationale for your claims.

Identify and discuss the broader importance of the topic of the study as it applies to patients and organizations. What it means to the population
Discuss the nursing implications of the findings of the research. Consider the following questions:
Were the results statistically significant, if reported?
What is the clinical significance of the findings?
What are the risks vs. benefits to practice of the findings?
Are the findings feasible to implement?

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