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The doctoral prepared nurses are uniquely positioned for responsible leadership as essential members of the health care system. The professional responsibility contributes to research and clinical inquiry initiatives that advance health care delivery outcomes. Because of the rapidly changing environment of doctoral education, collaborative relationships between the Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Doctor of Philosophy-prepared nurses continue to evolve (Pencak-Murphy et al., 2015). The DNP nurse and Ph.D. nurse work in close collaboration. Both work with all the disciplines in achieving optimal patient outcomes. The doctorly prepared nurses assist others with their advanced skill and expertise in leading other health care professionals. Whether a nurse is an independent DNP practice nurse or a Ph.D. researcher, both collaborate to obtain data relevant in providing patient-centered care (Cowan, 2019). Inter-professional communication is essential for all disciplines, especially those with terminal degrees, in achieving the most from other interdisciplinary professionals. The strength and focus of both the DNP and the Ph.D. nurses serve as important unified components in quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research (Hooshmand et al., 2019).

Communication at every level is essential. Healthcare professionals collaborate to optimize patient care from all different healthcare backgrounds. For example, the informatics professional. The work of the DNP and Ph.D. professionals optimizes new system developments. This results in collaborating with nurses, physicians, social workers, healthcare lawyers, administration specialists, physical therapists, and other disciplines in transforming patient care. The nursing point of view is relevant as having an understanding of all care professional’s opinion is crucial (Falkenberg-Olson, 2019). The DNP nurse understands these particulars and works across-the-board in acknowledging all intricacies. Understanding other healthcare professionals’ perspectives are critical as one may not always grasp the big picture from an advanced approach. Often many disciplines do not understand current terms and definitions, which often leads to a lack of comprehension. This can often be corrected with education sections and explanations.

Building collaborative partnerships between DNP and Ph.D. nurses benefits the health care system and patients. Leadership can help foster partnerships that are sustainable through successful collaborative projects (Falkenberg-Olson, 2019). There is a growing emphasis on intra and interprofessional efforts within the health care arena that provides opportunities for shared resources between the DNP and the Ph.D. nurse collaboration (Hooshmand et al., 2019). The advanced practice role offered doctoral prepared nurses to work tirelessly in implementing policies and create advocacy initiatives to transform health care systems. The doctoral-prepared nurses must understand each other’s background and focus on what each can contribute to translating research into practice (Cowan, 2019).

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