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This assignment has 2 parts. Please read carefully and understand what needs to be done ( First 3-4 pages essay, second write 3-5 sentences for each questions below.

Write a 3-4 page essay that addresses one of the topics below. Discuss how the influence of culture and history has influenced the development African American visual art. Paste your response in the assignment submission box, but also include the document file as an attachment by the date listed above.

What are some of the ways that sculptures, masks, and other works produced by African artists display distinct elements of their cultural backgrounds and experiences?
How have African American artists in the twentieth century incorporated stylistic elements from African art in their works?
How have African American painters and sculptors responded to changes in social and cultural awareness throughout the twentieth century?

Write short answers, [3-5 sentences] for each of the questions below. Each answer is worth 25 points toward a maximum score of 125 points. A well-written short answer should identify significant themes addressed in each lesson. Paste your responses in the assignment submission box by the date listed above, but also attach a document file for security and formatting purposes.

  1. What impact did African styles of headwear, jewelry, and dress have on African American tastes in fashion?
  2. How did traditional African art influence African American artists of the New Negro Movement?
  3. How have African American artists used their work to express themes from history, society, and culture?
  4. What formal qualities characterize the artistic vision and content of the works of contemporary artists from groups like Africobra and others?
  5. How were themes of resistance and liberation reflected in the works of African American artists in the late twentieth century?

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