Nursing Health Promotion/Discussion/Wk5/Reply

Topic 2:


  • Describe the roles of your local and state health departments in the accomplishment of healthcare promotion and goals.
    • The role of the local and state health departments is to make sure everyone has good health. “Florida Health represents the vision that health belongs to everyone and every group—not just a state agency. It takes individuals, families, communities, and partnerships with local and state-level policy makers and stakeholders to create a culture of health in Florida” (, 2018).
  • How do their goals of health promotion meet the objective of Healthy People 2020?
    • I think everyone’s goal in general is for the public to be in good health. Being in good health can reduce the number of hospital admissions and prolong your life. Ways to spread the word are communication! Social media, interacting with others, and just being aware of what’s out there. For instance, what kinds of food are we putting into our bodies, are we drinking enough water, and is the environment less polluted with toxins that can harm us.
  • How could nurses in the public health setting help clients to modify unhealthy behaviors at the primary and secondary prevention levels? Please provide an example for each prevention level.
    • Primary prevention would be education. Examples include educating the community about eating healthy or the dangers of smoking.
    • Secondary prevention would be reducing a disease or diagnosis. Having regular check-ups with the doctor or taking medicine pertinent to that disease would be examples.

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