Submit your final term paper. Your final paper must be in APA format and consist of a title page (no abstract required), 5 pages of content, a conclusion. Be sure to review the grading rubric for specific areas that will be graded, so that you can earn the most points.

Your paper should include:

  1. An introduction that includes a brief description of your topic, related concepts, and definitions of specific terminology related to our topic.
  2. Background related to your topic that includes the connection to related course concepts.
  3. Description and discussion of issues surrounding your topic.
  4. The importance of your topic to healthcare and professional nursing
  5. The affects on patient care.
  6. A conclusion that includes your opinion and a summary of your topic (no new information should be included and summary should relate back to the introduction).

Your term paper will be submitted here as well as through TurnItIn. The TurnItIn report is one factor that will be used to evaluate the originality of your work.  Originality is a component of the grading for this paper and refers to the use of your own words and ideas (the absence of plagiarism). Plagiarism Definition: Presenting ideas, representations, or words of another person without customary and proper acknowledgement of that person’s authorship is considered plagiarism.

See Rubric attached.

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