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  1. Ethics
    PHI 1600
    Second Written Assignment
    Read chapter 3, watch Week 6 Lecture, and watch the films “Gone Baby Gone” and “Sleepers”. Pick one movie and apply Kant’s moral philosophy to judge the MAIN FINAL action. For “Gone Baby Gone” judge Patrick’s final decision and for “Sleepers” judge the priest’s final decision. Judging any other action in the movie is an automatic zero. 500 words minimum in MLA format. Due on April 11th.
    *You must apply Kant’s 3 premises (course materials) for 50 points and Michael Sandel’s 3 contrasts (Week 6 Lecture “Mind your Motive”) for 50 points.


Golden Rule

Maxim: a rule that one person follows

Formula 1“Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will it should become a universal law”

Morality is a conflict for humans

Human autonomy=freedom to pick and choose

Non-autonomous ethics: religion, gov, etc

Distinction bet/ phenomenal world and Noumenal world

You are subject of activity not an object of activity

Act on principle not on emotions

consequences ARE IRRELEVANT

motives/ good intentions


Reason determines what we ought to do


Making yourself an exception: heart of immorality


Formula 2: “Treat human beings and yourself as ends in themselves not as means to an end”

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